How to Control Hunger

There are several ways of controlling hunger considering that there are three hunger hormones that control hunger namely leptin, ghrelin and neuropeptide Y. These three hormones must be maintained on the right levels for best hunger control.

One of the ways of controlling hunger is Lovidia . This is a scientific developed supplement that manages weight and metabolic levels. Humans have the same taste receptors in their mouths and in the lower gut. While these taste receptors in the mouth tell the brain what you are eating, the ones in the gut tell the brain how much you are going to eat.

Lovidia stimulates the receptors in the lower gut to produce more satiety hormones than what they would naturally release. In summary the receptors in the gut tell the brain how much to eat and produce hormones that bring the state of fullness.

Reduced sugars and fructose consumption is another way of controlling hunger. Fructose is found in substances like maize and sugarcane. Increase in sugar and fructose consumption will basically increase the workload in the liver. Since the liver is the main organ that is responsible for fat burning, reduction of sugar and fructose consumption will allow the liver to do other things like fat burning.

Thirdly, ghrelin a hunger hormone mentioned above is mostly influenced by the heaviest meals of the day. Therefore eating at regularly scheduled times will control your levels of hunger. If you are used to taking a heavy meal at 1pm but then you have an early meal at 11am, chances are at 1pm ghrelin will be produced hence the urge to eat again. For more facts about weight loss, visit this website at .

Another method of controlling hunger is by controlling how you respond to stress. If you have a habit of sorting food whenever you are stressed, you are exercising your hunger hormone production. This has a direct impact on your weight. If you practice other methods of stress control like walking or heavy breathing, you allow yourself to handle your hunger hormones.

Aiming at maximum hours of sleep per night also plays a major role in hunger control. Study shows that those who sleep less have more urge to eat than those who have more hours of sleep. More hours of sleep mean leptin levels decreases, ghrelin levels and consequently your hunger levels.
Some of other methods of hunger control include eating more fiber that suppress ghrelin levels, taking diet breaks which makes insulin levels to rise and in turn decrease ghrelin levels.

 Exercises helps in self control in all aspects including hunger hormones. It is therefore vital to keep the levels of hunger hormones in check for proper functionality of the body and control hunger.